Red Cross offers nurse assistant training courses

The American Red Cross of Central Alabama will offer  three opportunities to take its certified nurse assistant training course over the coming months.

Day classes will take place Oct. 5 - 29, Nov. 2 - 24, or Nov. 30 - Dec. 23.  All courses will be held from 8:30 till 3:00 on weekdays at the Red Cross office, 5015 Woods Crossing in Montgomery.

The nurse assistant training program is patient-centered and prepares nurse assistants to work in hospitals, nursing homes, home health and long-term care settings. Coursework includes learning:

  • To help people stay independent
  • To take vital signs, including blood pressure, respiration and temperature
  • To understand and help patients dealing with physical pain
  • To be sensitive to patients and their families
  • To improve communication skills
  • To understand medical terms
  • To understand and help patients with a variety of needs

Participants will also get hands-on experience in an actual health care setting and will learn how to conduct a successful job search, create an effective resume and develop interviewing techniques.

The cost of the course is $525. For more information or to register, please contact the American Red Cross of Central Alabama at (334) 260-3996.