Date me or die

(NBC) - Ginette Valcourt can still see the spot on the sidewalk where her only son died.

The faded blood stain from two weeks ago is just steps from Valcourt's home in Boynton Beach, Florida.

She didn't hear the gunshot that hit 23-year-old Vladimir Valcourt's chest killing him almost instantly, but what she did hear Thursday is helping her smile for the first time since: word of a second arrest.

"Right now, its not like I'm not angry right now but I feel better," she says.

U.S. Marshals pulled 16-year-old Shanovia Mack from Jupiter High School Thursday and charged her with 2nd degree murder.

She faces a bond hearing a soon as Friday morning.

She is accused of getting into an argument with Valcourt, then saying "She was going to have Valcourt 'murked' (a street word for murder)."

Investigators claim she rode to Valcourt's home with 18-year old Adrian Hunter and several others.

Detectives say Hunter fired that fatal shot.

Ginette Valcourt claims Mack had a crush on her son, but he wasn't interested.

That is why she believes they were fighting and why Mack wanted Valcourt dead.

"She was angry, he feels like she was too young and she didn't like it.  It's like she was rejected," Valcourt says.

Now Ginette Valcourt is left with a shelf full of condolence cards, a bloodstained driveway and a promise to make sure Hunter, Mack and anyone else involved pays.