Congressman Bright speaks against Iran's nuclear facility

Posted by Hannah Lane  -  bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Democratic congressman Bobby Bright in town Saturday and weighed in on Iran's nuclear facility.

Bright stated, "we can't do this by ourselves and we don't need to do this by ourselves. We need our strong allies and it appears the President is doing that by way of France and England. We've got to stand firm and we've got to make sure that this guy knows that when we tell him something that we mean it. We need to speak with one voice and that appears to be what our President is doing with our allies. I believe we have to stop this guy."

The congressman continued, saying, "We saw what Saddam Hussein did and how he continued to aggravate and disobey our sanctions. This will happen in Iran if we let it continue. So I stand with our allies and our President firmly."

Bright will be in South Alabama Monday.

While there, he will be touring farms with Covington County Farmers Federation.

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