Crazy Corn Fun

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Headland, AL (WSFA) -  Eric Knight has been farming his whole life.  Growing corn is nothing new, but this year he's trying something different.   "We're calling it Corndodgers Farm," Knight said.    It's a collection of crazy corn events that'll have kids and parents smiling.

First there's the corn cannon.   "It'll shoot 100 yards."    If you watch the story on-line you'll see my accuracy was well below average.   There's also a huge sandbox filled with corn kernels.   A word of advice, if you dive in, you'll be picking corn out of your pockets for weeks.

But the main attraction is the corn maze.   Two mazes carved out in a 7 acre field of corn.    The design is amazing, so how'd they do it?    "Carving the path is a secret deal," he said.  So no luck for me.

This is truly textacular!   If you get lost or you want to keep track of how long it takes you to navigate the maze, all you have to do is find the clue boards and send a text message.   I almost had to text "HELP" but somehow I found my way out.   You can too, it's a blast.  The Corndodgers Farm maze will be open until early November.

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