Man arrested on stalking, impersonating charges

LAWRENCE CO., AL - Lawrence County Sheriff Gene Mitchell says investigators have filed Stalking and Impersonating a Public Servant charges against Christopher Glynn Whiting of Logan, Alabama.

Mitchell said the offenses stem from two incidents in which a man went to home posing as an Alabama Department of Public Health Employee. He was trying to collect water samples.

Sheriff Mitchell said on July 14th Whiting used the front to gain entry into an 18-year-old woman's home. Whiting then convinced the woman that he could help her get a job with the State.

Mitchell said that Whiting managed to talk the woman into allowing him to give her a ride to a State Office site where she could fill out an application. However, Mitchell said that Whiting then drove the woman to his home in Cullman County where he tried to get her into his bedroom.

The Sheriff said that after the woman became very upset and begged him not to hurt her, Whiting drove the woman back to her residence.

Sheriff Mitchell said that the incident was reported to both Lawrence and Cullman County Law Enforcement, but at the time Whiting's identity was unknown. He said that on September 24th, Whiting went to a new residence which the woman had moved to and attempted to make contact with her again.

Mitchell said that following the incident Lawrence and Cullman County Investigators worked together and were able to locate and identify Mr. Whiting. He said that Investigators searched Whiting's vehicle and found that he had had numerous binding items, such as handcuffs, wire ties and mouth gags. Investigators also found a pistol, stun gun, condoms, as well as at least three fake IDs.

Mitchell said that it was obvious that Whiting had the items with the intent to bind and control someone. Cullman County Investigators were able to link Whiting to some recent crimes in their jurisdiction as well.

Whiting was arrested and is currently being held in the Cullman County Jail. Upon release, Whiting will be transported to the Lawrence County Jail where he will be formally charged with the other offenses.