Sellers' 8 questions for Supt. Thompson

School board member Heather Sellers
School board member Heather Sellers

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Controversy is brewing regarding an interview from Montgomery's school superintendent, Barbara Thompson.

Thompson refuted allegations she is representing herself as having a doctoral degree when she doesn't have yet have her Ph.D. degree.

Board member Heather Sellers hand delivered a list of questions to Thompson's office after seeing the report on WSFA 12 News Monday evening. Sellers says she wants them answered right away.

Reporter to Sellers - "Do you think she's [Thompson] being dishonest?"

Sellers - "I think that if she is allowing people to put doctor and address her as doctor and she is not saying  that no I have not become a doctor, correct. Yet I think to be accountable yes. That is incorrect."

Reporter to Sellers - "You think that's dishonest?"

Sellers - "I do."

Sellers delivered to a letter to Superintendent Thompson's office with a list of eight questions, all about Thompson not having a Ph.D. even though her resume said she would complete it by this past summer. However, she did not.

"When we first started the interviews the question was how do we address you and we were told to call her Dr. Barbara Thompson. That's what I know during our interview process," Sellers said.

Sellers said that while she couldn't remember if it was Thompson or some other official that asked board members to use the title, she's positive that was the way they were told to address her. Sellers says she's also disturbed about other references to Thompson as doctor.

"She has signed a letter at the top that had Dr. Barbara Thompson and she signed that letter."

Thompson admits her Ph.D. is still a work in progress, but she says she has been above board and public about it all.

What does Sellers think about people who believe some on the board are just out to get Thompson? "I say listen. Take a look at what has gone on and you make that determination. If you want someone to go around and be addressed and to have letter head as doctor and they're not then you've got a strong accountability problem yourself."

Sellers adds that if Thompson does not answer her questions to the satisfaction of the school board then she thinks disciplinary action should take place.

Thompson's office issued a statement late Tuesday saying she's been tied up and hasn't been able to reflect on the letter. She won't be able to talk until after Tuesday evening's board meeting.

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