Troy University conducts a crisis response drill

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TROY, AL (WSFA) -   When it comes to the safety of its faculty and students, Troy University is taking no chances.

We know the dangers tornados and severe weather can cause living here in Alabama.  So Wednesday Troy University conducted a drill to see how ready they are for a possible disaster.

It's a scary scene students lying wounding, hurt after a tornado touches down on Troy University's campus.

Police and fire work to secure the scene and treat the injured after a dorm was damaged in the storm.

"We had a tornado drill were the RA's had to evacuate the residents to the first floor and account for everybody and then the emergency services came and took care of all the injured people in the dorm," says Brandon Lovett, one of the students participating in the drill.

The action was playing out as real, but it's just all just a drill in preparation for the real thing.

"It's really neat it makes it really real when you have the actual fire and police and ambulance services here, I mean it makes it a real situation and it just intensifies every situation and it makes sure that we are on our game and doing everything correctly," adds Lovett.

The university holds theses drills periodically to test their crisis response plan making sure it's up to date and that everyone is ready for the real thing.

After Wednesday's drill the university will review its exercise with all emergency responders.

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