Talking with golfer Michelle Wie

Michelle Wie during Tuesday's interview.
Michelle Wie during Tuesday's interview.

DANA GROSS-RHODE:  Michelle, thank you for joining us. You're the first press conference of the Navistar LPGA Classic Presented by Monaco RV.  Can you share your thoughts about coming out and playing the course and competing, again, after having last week off.

MICHELLE WIE:  Yeah, I'm pretty excited.  I had a good two weeks off and a good week of school last week.  I'm excited to play again. I felt like I practiced a lot last week and it will be fun to put that into action.

Q.  This is your first time playing in Navistar?

MICHELLE WIE:  Yes, first time in Alabama, actually.  Pretty exciting  

Q.  How are you finding Alabama?

MICHELLE WIE:  I like it.  I love the food here, love the music.  It's great.  Every other radio station here plays country music, so pretty happy about that.

Q.  Will the weather or the wind, like we had yesterday and are expecting Friday, influence play?

MICHELLE WIE:  It blew pretty hard yesterday.  You have to take whatever you get.  The weather's been pretty nice today, but it's always an iffy sign.  You think, 'The weather's so great today' and you hope it stays that way.  But, whatever the weather is, all the players in the field have to play with it and you have to take it as it goes.

Q.  Do you foresee any problems with holes, or any tricky locations?

MICHELLE WIE:  I think there will be some tricky holes and tricky pin positions.  As long as I can play well, hit the ball good, putt well, I think it will be good.  It's a fun golf course.

Q.  How does it compare to other courses you've played?

MICHELLE WIE:  There are a lot of bunkers, lot of mounds. It presents an interesting golf course.  It's differet - a good placement golf course. You have to place the ball in the right places and the greens very large.  Trying to narrow it down to greens and pin positions.

Q.  Trying to balance golf and school, what do you want to accomplish this week? MICHELLE WIE:  Number one goal is definitely to win.  That's a goal I can't really control as much.  More of a personal goal is what I've been trying to accomplish all year:    Try my hardest and play my hardest and end the week, knowing I've done that.

Q.  What are your thoughts on Prattville?

MICHELLE WIE:  It's great.  Everyone's been so welcoming, so nice.  A great little town.

Q.  Do you practice differently when know it's the only week you're playing?

MICHELLE WIE:  Yeah, I definitely go all out.  Practiced a lot last week; hitting the gym a lot more.  Focusing on the shots that didn't work out the last couple of weeks.

Q.  During your rookie year, how did you learn to balance playing more?

MICHELLE WIE:  It was tiring.  I changed my workout a bit in the middle of the summer.  Stopped lifting a lot weights in the summer and, instead, used bands.  And stretch, stretch, stretch; eat well, sleep the right amount.  You really have to take care of your body - no days you can let your self go.  Have to keep yourself in top shape.

Q. What's your toughest class?

MICHELLE WIE:  I don't know.  I only had one week of school.  I'm taking a lot of Comms classes - communications classes and a statistics class.

Q.  So, statistics will be tough?

MICHELLE WIE:  I will not comment (laughter) but it will be an interesting year.

Q.  How do you react to your picture on billboards?

MICHELLE WIE:  Interesting.  The most interesting one was where my face is on a mat right as you get off the escalators.  'Wonder how many people step on my face, especially with those high heels.' But, it's been weird seeing my face places.  It's interesting.

Q.  What's your training regime for a course like this?

MICHELLE WIE:  I've never played here before, so I didn't know what it looked like when I came here.

Q.  Are the players cutting you a little slack these days?

MICHELLE WIE:  I think all the girls here are great.  Great players out here, great personalities and I enjoy playing with them.  

Q.  Any special plans for your big birthday coming up?

MICHELLE WIE:  I don't know - we'll see.  Might include an inflatable pool somewhere in there.

Q.  About the football team.  Your thoughts on their game last weekend.  It was exciting.

MICHELLE WIE:  It's great.  I believe the team is coming along really well.  I'm really proud of them. Nice to see us win.