Editorial: Transparency

Personal integrity seems to be in short supply in our world.

Transparency in government certainly is as well.

It took a further hit when the executive commission on community service grants voted down proposals to let taxpayers know how their money was being spent.

The proposals voted down would have posted the grant applications on the commissions website 30 days before the commission voted on them so taxpayers would know where and how their money was going to be spent and give feedback.

Kudos to state treasurer and commission member Kay Ivey for making the proposals and being the lone vote for it.

Alabama taxpayers will know more than ever though starting today about how some other of our money is being spent.

The state's checkbook went online today for all of us to see.

We can check out state contracts, state employee expense reimbursements, salaries of employees in state agencies and soon state college and university records.

We applaud the state for this growing transparency and encourage more openness from local governments as well.