An interview with Natalie Gulbis

DANA GROSS‑RHODE:  Natalie, thank you for joining us at the Navistar LPGA Classic.  This is your first time playing at the event.  You're on a streak and you've been playing very well lately.  How has your game feeling into this week knowing this is the last time you're playing for a few weeks?

NATALIE GULBIS:  Well, it's sad that it's the last regular‑season event this year.  It's been a fun year.  For sure we've had a lot of highs and lows with The Solheim Cup and a lot of different changes in the organization. But I'm excited to be here at the Navistar event.  This is my first time here.  The course is fantastic.  It was beautiful.  I actually did a photo shoot on the other golf course, which is pretty special, too, over there on the water.

Q.  Do you find yourself practicing any differently knowing that this is your last week of competition for a few weeks?

NATALIE GULBIS:  Yes, more, more.  You're trying to get everything you can out of this year.  I've had a kind of average year, so I have a couple events left this year to work my way up on the money list.  So you definitely work harder and just try to go out there and play well.

Q.  Any particular feature or any hole that's scared the daylights out of you?

NATALIE GULBIS:  Any holes that scared the daylights out of me?  Um, 18 is a good tough hole.  I think that's definitely gonna be a challenging hole.  It's one of the longest holes on the course. I'm looking forward to seeing how 17 plays in competition.  Depending on where they put the tee.  If they put the tee up, it and becomes a reachable par‑5.  There's a lot of trouble around the greens, and the greens have got a lot of different levels.  So I think that'll be a fun hole come the weekend, too.

Q.  Are you concerned that there are fewer tournaments this year because of the economy?

    NATALIE GULBIS:  Am I concerned about it?  Definitely.  Definitely.  We want to play every week, especially here in the united States.  We love to showcase women's golf.  We had a really good player meeting last night, and I think the schedule looks really good for 2010.  We're excited about the future of the tour, so...

Q.  This is leftover from The Solheim Cup.  Everyone was making a big deal about Paula Creamer going first and how did she feel about that.  I thought the unanswered question was:  What about the anchor position?  How did it feel to be entrusted with the anchor position?

NATALIE GULBIS:  It's a big honor being in the anchor position.  When we won the cup over in the Sweden I was in the anchor position as well.  When you kind of go through all the preliminary on what teams you want to play and what positions you want to play, Paula is a player that she's really high energy and ready to go.  She really loves to be in the first‑player position. They ask you if you would like it be in the anchor position, and I definitely would love to be it.  My match was not the one deciding, but the one before was.  It was Morgan Pressel, and I got to watch her make the winning putt. It was an exciting week.  You know, we won that week as a team, and we're all enjoying the victory.  Here coming up we're hoping to make a trip to the White House here and celebrate.

Q.  How was being on the 'Celebrity Apprentice'?

NATALIE GULBIS:  Fantastic.  I enjoyed it.  I enjoyed it a lot.  It'll be interesting to see who the cast is for the next one.  For the first part of the year, for the first three months of the year that show was on it was fun.  Every single week fans were coming up to me and wanting to know what was happening or who was going to get fired.  It was exciting.

Q.  What do you expect to be the greatest challenge to be here at Navistar?

NATALIE GULBIS:  Making sure you're on the right quadrant of the greens.  The greens are large and there's definitely little separate areas.  You could have some really long, brutal putts. So just hitting greens.  Usually hitting greens means you're gonna have an opportunity for birdie putts.  But that's not gonna be enough this week. You're gonna need to be in the right spots.  You know, above the hole and equal to the hole, and definitely on the right tier.

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