Joggable CD Player

Portable cd players have been around for awhile but they have not always been equipped with the technology they are equipped with today. Like the anti skip feature, it allows you to listen to a cd even while jogging. Brittany Hodge spends most days practicing softball... and occasionally jogging a little. I thought this college prospect from Edgewood academy would be the perfect person to test out a cd player that claims it's joggable. It's a personal cd player by RCA and has a 45 second "esp-x" which means that it's reading music before you actually hear it... allowing it time to take out any of the skips. Important to anyone who enjoys listening music and walking or jogging. To be as fair as possible we tried the cd player out with a brand new cd... not one scratch on it. As Brittany heads out for a jog our mics are there to pick up the sound. But soon after the music starts there is no sound to pick up... because it starts to skip. And before long, that 45 second music feature is worthless. The RCA personal cd player fails the does it work test. The player cost around $50 dollars with the joggable feature. With out it, you could find a cd player for about half of that.