Reward offered in postal driver's murder

The Camp Hill Post Office is lined with police tape as inspectors investigate a murder scene.
The Camp Hill Post Office is lined with police tape as inspectors investigate a murder scene.

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CAMP HILL, AL (WSFA) - "It's definitely a tough day for the citizens of Camp Hill."

Camp Hill Mayor Samuel Ellis says his mail carrier was a friendly face.

"Many days I would go down there running late with the city mail. He'd be pullin' in in his truck and a lot of times, I'd say, "I got some mail I gotta get in.'  He would stop, I'd hand it to him.  He was a nice guy," says Ellis.

Tony Harrelson of Dadeville was just doing his job Friday night when tragedy struck.

Investigators say someone shot and killed him at the Camp Hill Post Office.

Mayor Ellis says it's unusual for his neck of the woods.

"Camp Hill is a town made up of good decent people," says Ellis.

Now it's a town peppered with federal agents searching for evidence and a killer.

"Any information is helpful and it could possibly lead to the arrest and conviction of those responsible," says U.S. Postal Service Inspector, Yulanda Burns.

Investigators are getting the word out in Camp Hill and surrounding areas by handing out fliers  asking residents for any help in tracking down a suspect.

"Our department along with the other local law enforcement, we're going to be here until we find out who's responsible. Anybody who's found responsible of this does face capital punishment," says Burns.

Inspectors say they're offering up to $100,000 dollars for information.

Mayor Ellis hopes it gets his residents' attention and brings a criminal to justice.

"Here's a man who's confined to the rules of doing what was right, trying to take care of his family, become a productive citizen [and] some nothing that comes up and destroys him, that really hurts me even more," says Ellis

Inspectors say they aren't releasing specifics about the crime while it's still under investigation.

They're encouraging anyone with information to call the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 or the Tallapoosa County Sheriff's Department at 256-825-4264.

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