Big Dog at the Bank

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Troy, AL (WSFA) -  From a distance, it looks like your normal bank drive through, but there's something unique about the situation at Troy Bank and Trust in Troy.  

"He just makes it interesting here," said one bank worker.   "Everybody loves him," said another employee.   So who are they talking about.    This guy is so important the bank president comes out to hand deliver him a special treat.      We're talking about Howard the dog.     "We don't know where he came from or much about him, or anything about his family tree, but we do know he likes this tree here," said bank president Gary Guthrie.

Howard showed up about three months ago.  He's your typical stray.   But folks started feeding him and then customers started asking about him, so bank workers figured he needed a name.    "We called him over, and I looked at him and thought he looked like a Howard," employee Brittany Duett said.   "When I called out Howard he looked over so we thought, that's good."

Howard really only has one problem.   He's afraid of people, especially men.   Lots of workers and customers want to adopt him, but nobody can get close to him.  "He greets the cars with a wagging tail," said employee Lindsay Sikes.   "But he won't let anyone get close.   The ban manager wants to take him to the vet to make sure he's healthy.   And they're all hoping to find Howard a permanent home before it starts getting cold.

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