Editorial: Feedback

Feedback to our editorial on transparency was not transparent.

Jackie Adkins emailed:  "I am a state employee and totally disagree with posting our salaries.  Why is what I make any different than my neighbor who is a teacher or another neighbor who works for a private industry.  It is no one's business what I make.  If you want to look at salaries look at political appointees that are given jobs by governor's for favors.  Look at salaries for elected officials.  They can give themselves raises and we cannot."

Regarding our editorial on recycling, a viewer emailed: "Less litter means less crime.  Instead of programs of neighborhoods clean the city day, enforce anti-litter laws.  It's a win, win situation for the city.  By fining people who litter it brings in much needed revenue, keeps the city clean and attracts business which creates jobs."

Terrific tangible feedback to our editorial encouraging more athletic events in Montgomery.

Cheers to the Mayor, Hyundai and all involved with such a successful first half marathon run, showcasing our city to more than 1,000 runners and residents of nearly two dozen states.

And a footnote to our editorial on health care reform, All Kids, the Children's Health Insurance Program in Alabama, has been flooded with applications this week as higher income eligibility thresholds took affect for uninsured children.    Alabama was the first state to have a children's health insurance program approved 11 years ago, and the expectation is more than 70,000 children will be insured with this program alone by the end of this month and upwards of 14,000 new children will be enrolled.

Between insurance from SOBRA Medicaid and ALL KIDS, it is estimated that less than 10,000 children should be uninsured statewide in the year ahead.

We appreciate all of your feedback.