Ariton Teacher a Class Act

Posted by: Judd Davis - bio | email

Ariton, AL (WSFA) -  She's been in the classroom at Ariton Elementary School for 10 years and she has  loved every minute of it.    Ms. Tonia Lewis teaches second grade and she's this week's Class Act.     "I'm blessed to have such a great group of children and parents," Lewis said.

The principal nominated her for the award.  He says she's a special lady.    Ms. Lewis feels right at home with her second graders.     "This age group is perfect.    They know what a chair is and know how to sit in it, and they can follow most of the rules."

Ms. Lewis also knows that each student learns differently, so she has to be flexible.     "I try to base my teaching on what the students teach me.   I find where they are,  and go from there."

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