Prattville teen places 3rd in Cali. contest

K.G. Borland
K.G. Borland

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PRATTVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A Prattville teen is being honored after taking third place in a prestigious literary contest in California. K.G. Borland, 16, recently received the honor from the William Albrecht Young Writing Contest in Davis, California.

"It was the first time I had ever submitted my writing for any type of publication..." Borland tells WSFA 12 News. "I was ecstatic!"

Born in Massachusetts and raised in Germany, the young man now lives in the 'Preferred Community' with his military family.

The high school junior says his interests include: writing, reading, history, debating, politics, web design, tennis, fishing, soccer, being active with community organizations and serving as a GOODREADS co-moderator for several online groups.

One of Borland's favorite genres is writing urban fantasy, but he loves to mix genres.

The teen's winning entry is called "Banishment" and it's being published in the 4th issue of the Blue Moon Literary & Art Review. (
Author D.B. Pacini in Woodbridge, CA. is Borland's writing mentor, and she encouraged him to enter the contest. "I have to thank my writing mentor...she is so helpful and I never would've known about the project if it wasn't for her," Borland said.  
"K.G. Borland is a talented young writer. I'm impressed with the quality of his work and expect that his short stories ands poetry will be published frequently in the years to come," Pacini explained. "I am also excited about his ambitious novel, it is intriguing to me because it is unique and terrific, and because it is being written by a sixteen-year-old."

As for future plans, Borland says he's working on his first full length novel which takes place in the same world as "Banishment". He says he hopes to have it done within six months.

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