Guest Editorial: Troy Teamwork

Last week, Alabama, Pike County, the City of Troy and Troy University celebrated an economic victory at a time where our state faces 10 percent unemployment.  What's more, this economic celebration will have spill-over effects from Autauga County to Covington County and all points in between.

Thanks to the teamwork of Governor Bob Riley's Alabama development office   together with the team of Troy City Mayor Jimmy Lunsford and Troy University officials, CGI, a Canadian based, international computer software company, announced it will open a new operation in Troy, Alabama.

CGI will bring over 300 well paying computer related jobs to the area over the next three years.  Truly, a cause for celebration and a solid ray of sunshine in a gloomy economy.

What attracted CGI to Troy?  One simple answer - persistent, enthusiastic teamwork by the state, Pike County Economic Developers, the City of Troy and Troy University.   Troy was unified in a make-it-happen approach resulting in CGI selecting Troy over communities in Virginia and Ohio as well as 11 Alabama cities.

A tried and true lesson for all communities in creating new jobs is this.  When a community and key stakeholders are unified in their effort, not caring who gets the credit, the team wins and the community benefits.

CGI's selection of Troy, Alabama, as its new home should be a case study for future leaders in community economic development.

For now, watch the progress as Troy and CGI begin a process of regional transformation that spans from Troy throughout Southeast Alabama.

Dr. John Schmidt, Troy University Sr. VP