White Hall mayor resigns under order

File photo: Mayor John Jackson
File photo: Mayor John Jackson

WHITE HALL, AL (WSFA) - The mayor of  White Hall has resigned his position after pleading guilty on ethics violations.

John Jackson, the city's first and only mayor, was ordered Monday to step down following the plea. He had 72 hours to comply with the order, and Wednesday he followed through.

He must now pay back $43,609 to the town of White Hall. He's also ineligible to run for public office for at least two years.

Mayor Jackson found himself in legal trouble after depositing a check intended for the town into his own personal bank account. Jackson's lawyer, Sen. Hank Sanders, said the mayor "was trying to do was do what was right, but he didn't follow all the legal rules."

Sanders said Jackson had used some of his own money to try to bring some industry to White Hall, but when the property was sold the mayor took his money back plus interest instead of waiting on the city to pay him.

The city is now being managed by a temporary mayor, Elizabeth Davis. Davis is the president pro-tem of the town council. She'll serve until a new mayor is selected.

Jackson will face sentencing in December.

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