Courthouses in Montgomery undergoing major repair work

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Our first stop along the courthouse route is the old federal courthouse in downtown Montgomery. Chief Judge Mark Fuller says 50% of his job is devoted to the maintenance of the Middle District courthouses in Montgomery, Opelika and Dothan.

"It does take time but it's an honor serve this district," said Judge Fuller.

At the old federal courthouse dozens of workers are putting on a new roof, spreading over 25,000 square feet.

"This is the original roof that was put in 1932," said Judge Fuller.

This is the final project that was actually part of a much larger reconstruction job dating back in 1990s when construction for the new federal courthouse began next door.

"This is money well spent," said Judge Fuller.

In tough lean times some may challenge the wisdom of paying $2 million to replace the roof. Judge Fuller says from his vantage point it made all the sense in the world to wrap it up. No deliberation here.

A few blocks away an even bigger job at the Alabama Supreme Court. Time and age have taken their toll on the front steps with erosion underneath and much like the old federal courthouse, a new roof is going up as well.

The supreme court job is an $8 million project that should take about a year to complete.

The new roof on the old federal courthouse will match the original clay tile roof, a requirement mandated by the state historical society, according to the job foreman, and the Alabama Supreme Court hopes to reign supreme again with a more solid foundation under the new steps and a new top.

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