Dothan man arrested for attempted rape, burglary

Posted by: Melissa Johnson - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - It's case closed for the Dothan Police Department.

Thursday morning, detectives identified a suspect in Wednesday's burglary and attempted rape on Allen Road, and around lunchtime, they had him behind bars.

That suspect, 43-year-old Willie Frank Williams of Dothan is charged with first degree burglary, and will later be transferred to the Houston County Jail with a $100,000 bond.

On Wednesday, Williams broke into a woman's home while she was sleeping.  She awoke, and he confronted her inside the house.

Lt. David Jay of the Dothan Police Department said, "He pointed a gun at her, and there was some conversation.  He finally told her to remove her clothing.  At that time, the victim became hysterical, and the suspect turned around and ran out the door."

While police say it's rare to see a burglary happen when folks are at home, they've seen two in just the last week. And some Dothan residents say, it's catching their attention.

Dothan resident Floyd Leighton said, "At times you don't feel very comfortable, especially if someone got into your house, as is happening in Dothan and other areas, so I think it's only prudent to arm yourself."

Leighton says he owns several guns for hunting, but this is the first time he's purchased one for personal protection.

He said, "You know, I'm getting older, and I can't protect myself like I used to."

Tim Hawkins, owner of West Main Jewelry and Loan, says he's seen an increase in gun sales, but the big seller is pepper spray.

He said, "We've seen a pretty good increase in our sales on the pepper spray.  We almost ran out the other day and had to order more. "

So as residents are doing their part to protect themselves, police continue to track down crooks who are preying on unsuspecting residents.

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