LAMP school starts Hall of Fame

HALL OF FAME HONOREES NAMED...We are excited to honor this extraordinary group of former LAMP students and faculty members. Please join us in honoring:

Dr. Brent Capell (Class of 1993) Nuclear Engineer for Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory.  Dr. Capell won the Henry Marion Howe Medal in 2008 for best published article in the metallurgical field.

Dr. Martha Maples Gardner (Class of 1989) Statistician with GE Global Research. Dr. Gardner was named one of the world's "Top 100" young scientists by MIT's Technology Review in 2004. She has worked primarily on experimental design and analysis and has filed for six patents.

Saladin Patterson (Class of 1990) Writer, producer. Mr. Patterson earned an undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering graduated from MIT then masters degree in Psychology from Vanderbilt University. He was a writer and producer for the TV Show "Frasier" and is presently a writer and co-executive producer for the TV show "Psych."

Ginny Philips Ashe (Class of 1993) Writer. Ms. Ashe is the author of the novel The Well and the Mine. Her book was the winner of the 2008 Barnes & Noble Discover Great New Writers Fiction Award.

David Taffet (Class of 1985) Lawyer, businessman. Mr. Taffet is a graduate Duke University and the University of Virginia School of Law. He is the owner and executive manager of Lippincott Corporation, LLC.

Drew Watkins (Class of 1994) Writer, producer. Mr. Watkins is the winner of six Emmy's for sports writing and producing for ESPN and TNT. He is currently the Coordinating Producer over the Creative Services Sports Unit for TNT.

Veverly Arrington, LAMP Counselor and first principal of LAMP at Loveless. Mrs. Arrington was responsible for planning and administering the move from Lanier to Loveless.

Wiley Cutts, former principal of Lanier High School. Mr. Cutts was instrumental in the creation of Lanier Academic Motivational Program. Through his full support and assistance, LAMP grew and thrived.

Coach Conni Sikes
, former LAMP teacher and coach. Coach Sikes was the first athletic director at Loveless Academic Magnet Program. She was responsible for creating the sports program at Loveless. Under her leadership the athletic program has grown to include 17 successful sports teams.