Cloverdale merchants hope for football foot traffic

Downtown Cloverdale on Huntingdon gameday.
Downtown Cloverdale on Huntingdon gameday.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "All these parking spaces on this side, they were filled whenever I got here this morning," says Fredd Williams, Manager at Sinclair's in Cloverdale.

When Williams drives into work on Saturday mornings it's hard to find a place to park.

"This RV over here...there was a couple of them in our back lot this morning."

Williams works at Sinclair's restaurant right across the street from Huntingdon College where many Huntingdon fans set up their tailgates.

Williams says Saturdays weren't always this busy since Huntingdon's team isn't that old.

But thanks to football her business is up 20% on gamedays.

"Obviously, we want people to make this part of their routine," says Williams.

Many Cloverdale merchants will tell you the area has the potential to be a true college town, but some say getting there has been a little slow going.

"I hadn't really noticed a lot yet," says David Wright.

A lot, meaning business.

David wright sells barbeque just across the street from the school.

He says it's been hard to get customers but believes it will pick up.

"I think there's a lot of potential to get a lot of good business out here," says Wright.

Some store owners say they don't get as much football traffic as they'd like.

That's why Williams is trying even harder to reach out even more.

"We've got our 'Go Hawks!' sign up, and we welcome anyone to come enjoy the atmosphere here, also."

It's catching the eye of one fan who says he's definitely coming back to Cloverdale.

"You just want to start walking.  Look around...just enjoy yourself. It's real pretty," says Doug Brown.

It's good news for stores anxious to cash in after kick-off.

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