Governor's pay rate, others' to be disclosed

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - It was a question that many curious websurfers had when the state of Alabama opened its checkbook for all to see on October 1: Why aren't the pay rates of prominent state officials like Governor Bob Riley listed?

The answer appears to be timing. Not every state worker receives their paycheck on the same day of the month, and since the site went live on the first day of the month, only workers had had received payments on that date had been entered into the system.

Now the website is starting to report the paychecks issued to state employees and government officials.

The site, listed the checks issued Oct. 1 to thousands of state employees, but many public officials were not listed.

A spokesman for Gov. Riley says the website was created for more disclosure and transparency.

More state officials will start showing up Thursday, when they get their first check of the month.

Still others will not appear in the system until the end of the month because they are paid monthly.

The list began Oct. 1 to coincide with the state's new fiscal year.

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