W. O. Parmer Teacher a Class Act

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Greenville, AL (WSFA) -  It probably looks like they're just playing with food.   Bananas and sprinkles are all over the tables in Ms. Jean Bauer's class at W. O. Parmer Elementary School in Greenville.    Sure they're having fun, but they're also learning about the caterpillar.     "I love the children and I don't have any of my own, so these are my children," Bauer said.

Ms. Bauer has taught in Greenville for some time, and you can tell this week's Class Act really loves what she does.    "They get so excited when the light bulb goes on and then I get excited and then the parents get excited, and that's what's exciting about kindergarten."

It's a lot of excitement and a whole lot of fun in her class.  She knows she get's the first chance to help mold these little caterpillars.   It  won't be long before they spread their wings and soar like little butterflies.     "They learn so fast and it's fun to watch how fast they learn it."

They couldn't do it without the help of this week's Class Act, Ms. Jean Bauer.

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