Murder victim's family pleads for answers

Crime tape still marks the gravel drive where 26 year old Darnie Swanson was shot in cold blood outside Club 51 early Sunday morning, something folks who live out in Bullock County never thought they'd see.

"It's a safe place to go people go there and have a good time, nothing like this has ever happened before."

But its what the witnesses aren't saying that upsets Swanson's family.

His cousin, Tameka Williams says she knows several people were standing around when the gun was pointed to her cousin's head, but no one will come forward with information.

"They walked outside and everybody started running and looked down, and my cousin was there with blood gushing out of his head."

A neighbor says, "Everyone you talk to will say well, I didn't see anything.  I know someone had to see something, it happened right here. I run the store, I close at 10pm and people are always out here, so somebody saw something."

Until then Swanson's family and the community will be focused on a gravel lot, still marred with evidence of a young life - ended abruptly and a murderer still on the loose.

The Bullock County Sheriff's Department tells WSFA 12 News they haven't made an arrest in the murder case, but investigators have named two persons of interest.