Montgomery Woman Leads Police On Interstate Chase

From the start Montgomery Police knew who they were looking for. Investigators say employees at Target witnessed Shameka Morgan stealing baby clothes and were able to contact police while the crime was being committed.

"When we arrived the manager and an employee basically pointed her out," said Major Huey Thornton.

Once the officer spotted Morgan on Interstate 85 South, she then took the Ann Street exit and apparently caused more trouble. Police say Morgan ran into another car, momentarily stalling traffic on the ramp but not for long.

A close call for the pursuing officer.

"When the officer approached her, she backed up and brushed against the officer's leg and took off," said Major Thornton.

Leaving the scene, Morgan ended up on Ryan Street where she struck a parked car. By then scores of officers had surrounded her SUV and in the vehicle investigators found a surprise.

"After she was taken into custody, we found a 9-month-old baby," Thornton said.

It all came to an end in front of Terrance Shine's home. He says the little baby is his niece and can only guess Morgan had intended to drop off the 9-month old baby and continue on. Shine says Morgan seemed to be in a state of shock.

Police say the little baby was turned over to her father, and they say Shameka Morgan faces several charges; theft, reckless endangerment and second degree assault against a police officer.

There were no injuries in the chase and the baby was not hurt either.