Montgomery County School Board still at odds

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - LuAnn Bird, a trainer with the Alabama School Board Association, didn't tip toe around it she got straight to the issue that has board members at odds - Superintendent Barbara Thompson's Doctoral status.

Bird's job is to try to show the board how they can become better board members. For most of the four hour session, they got along perfectly. When bird brought up the tension between them, the heated discussions began. "Now I just want to know when is the end going to come?," questioned Board Member Robert Porterfield.

Bird said to have the ongoing dispute come to an end, they have to address their problems head on.  She added, "Frankly, protocols that I see that are good boardsmanship practices are being broken and need to be resolved, if this board is going to learn to work together. I truly believe they can because of the focus on student achievement and they realize what they're doing right now is a distraction to that."

Bird also suggested formal mediation to help, but board President Beverly Ross declined. She says, to her, the issues have been resolved.

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