Obama proposal to supplement SS payments picks up support

The Obama administration is finding some support for its plans to give Social Security recipients extra spending money, after word that their checks will flat line from this year to next.

The government this morning announced there'll be no cost of living increase in the 2010 checks because of negative inflation.

Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue says his agency is "doing its job" to maintain recipients' standard of living. But, he says "In light of the human need," Social Security needs to
support President Barack Obama's efforts to offer an extra $250 to seniors, veterans and other Americans.

Obama's proposal has also picked up support from a bipartisan mix of key members of Congress and seniors groups.

Republican Sen. Judd Gregg, however, calls the payments "inappropriate."

Some argue that the payments are needed because seniors spend a large chunk of money on health care costs, which rise faster than consumer prices.

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