Wiregrass authorities team up and launch new efforts to catch crooks

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ABBEVILLE, AL (WSFA) - A three county burglary spree has forced law enforcement in Henry, Houston, and Dale counties to team up.

They say enough is enough, and they're launching new efforts to catch the thieves as victims speak out for the first time.

Lorraine Danzey, who owns a business in downtown Abbeville, says, "It makes you angry."

After 32 years in business, she never thought she'd see this.

"They just took the money out of the register," she said.

Her business, D & D Donut and Bake Shop, is the latest victim of a ring of thieves, not only targeting Abbeville, but homes and businesses in a three county area.

Danzey said, "To think someone would come in and destroy what you've worked so hard for."

Doug Valeska, District Attorney for Houston and Henry counties said, "The community is in an uproar.  We're sick and tired of burglars."

He said, he's had enough, announcing a $2500 dollar reward for information leading to arrests.

Valeska said, "We don't care if the prison system is overcrowded.  We want to fill it up with burglars."

And local law enforecement agencies say, they're hot on the trail.

Henry County Sheriff Will Maddox said, "We got a lead on a vehicle that was in Kinsey that had some of the stolen merchandise in the vehicle.  So, this is the best lead we've had since all these breaking and enterings have happened."

Authorities are looking for 23 year old Willie Gosha and 19 year old Dominique Pledger, and believe they will lead them to the center of the burglary ring.

Danzey said, "I hope they put them away for good.  Anybody that steals, I have no use for them."

And neither does the law.  Authorities say, now, they need your help.

They're asking the community to be watching out, and help put these crooks behind bars.

If you have any information you're asked to call Crimestoppers at (334) 585-5200.

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