Judge Moore won't sign ethics pledge

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Judge Roy Moore issued a statement as to why he didn't sign a Christian Coalition pledge Friday on the steps of the state capitol.

All the gubernatorial candidates or a representative of their campaigns, except Judge Roy Moore, signed the integrity pledge. The pledge says that once elected, the new governor won't use his office for gain of himself or any of his family.

Moore campaign said he doesn't sign pledges, instead Judge Moore issued the following statement:

"My life is an open book and I am happy to allow my record to speak for itself and I see no need for special pledges of integrity beyond that of the Oath of Office. The Oath of Office commits the governor-elect and other officials to support and defend, both the US and Alabama Constitutions and to adhere to the rule of law. This oath, "So help me God." does two things. First it acknowledges the existence and the reality of God in government and it is the ultimate expression of one's individual commitment to the law. This Oath of Office with the newly elected official's hand placed on the Holy Bible is a solemn commitment to the highest ethical standards. No other pledge of integrity in government is necessary.

"It is true that we have serious legal and ethical problems in government that we cannot tolerate. Today we have loopholes in our state laws that must be corrected, and where there are violations of law we must prosecute those who would dishonor themselves and harm others for selfish gain. Our nation is in a state of crisis as the administration in Washington ignores our Christian heritage and the values which made our nation great, even undermining our free enterprise system and irresponsibly increasing the national debt and taxes to shocking levels. The next governor must meet these challenges head on.

"I believe the upcoming governor's election will be a turning point in our state's future as we choose between conservative, responsible, ethical government where our economy and we as a people can thrive, or we go down the road toward irresponsible socialism, and the destruction of our economy and our way of life.

"I have a strong track record of caring about people and standing for what is right. As two major statewide polls have shown, I'm the Conservative front runner in the governor's race and I ask the people of Alabama to join with me in standing strong as we build on the best of our past to secure for our children and grandchildren the bright future they deserve."

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