Football fans enjoy cold weather

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - "As much as we can possibly fast as we can possibly make it," says one worker at the St. James School concession stand.

With five pots sold in just an hour, hot chocolate is a hot item for football fans.

"It's the most popular item on a cold night," he says.

With hot chocolate, heavy coats and blankets in hand, fans aren't letting the cold keep them from cheering for their team.

It's the first time the River Region has seen temperatures dip into the 40s since April.

And it couldn't come on a better night.

"It's wonderful. I've been looking forward to a real football weather day," says Lisa Farmer.

"I just like it chilly. It's nice football weather," says Bob Smith.

But the football fans aren't the only ones taking precautions.

Paul Mason works for a local heating and air conditioning company.  As the temperature goes down, the number of calls goes up.

"Usually the first cold snap we get really busy," says Mason.

He adds just checking your system now can save you money in the long run.

"Proper operation, running the best that it can so it costs the least amount of money to run it."

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