Protecting homes from bold burglars

Bold burglars are terrorizing dozens of neighbors in rural areas from Montgomery County to Lowndes County, targeting homes in broad daylight.

To the common eye, most long stretches of country road seems like a safe bet for homeowners, but to neighbor Carrie Hughes, its a crossroad. "Within the past two months we've had two break-ins."

In broad daylight burglars have kicked in doors, stealing everything from rifles to a television set; and her family's sense of security. "The biggest concern is them breaking in while I'm at home."

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Department says sometimes homeowners need to step back and think like the suspects, eyeing all weaknesses as a quick ticket inside a home.

Chief Deputy Derrick Cunningham says, "Right here where you're at, there's no exterior lighting or lights on corners of the house.  If you hear noise motion lights would pick up almost anything that's moving outside."

An alarm system ranks high on Hughes need list. Cunningham recommends audible sirens not only inside the home, but also outside on either end of the house to alert distant neighbors. To keep burglars out, another solution is deadbolts with locks both inside and outside the home.