Rep. Holmes takes concerns to Capitol

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Armed with a contract and a contingent of reporters, State Representative Alvin Holmes made his march on the State Capitol.

The Montgomery Democrat wanted Governor Bob Riley to know his serious reservations surrounding a multimillion dollar no-bid service contract with Paragon Source, LLC.

Holmes says there are just too many unknowns.

"There's no description of work that these individuals did for this money," he explained at a Monday press conference.

Holmes provided subpoenaed documents highlighting staffers' names and their pay--topping $30,000 per month in some cases.

However, he claims company records don't specify where state money is going.

"They paid the subcontractors [. . .] up in the thousands of dollars, but you can't track who they paid the money to," Holmes explained.

The lawmaker was never able to see Riley in person, refusing a quick private meeting with the Governor Monday afternoon.

Riley's office, however, is commenting on the matter.

"This company has been working with the state since the early 90s. No one has ever had a complaint regarding their performance, and by all accounts, they've performed successfully," explained Press Secretary Todd Stacy in a phone interview.

Last week, Governor Riley himself challenged lawmakers.

"We have taken [lawmakers] everything we possibly have, and I want someone to tell me what's wrong with [the contract," Riley said.

Still, Holmes threatens to take action if Riley signs the contract.

"I'm almost positive we will call a special meeting of the Contract Review Committee and make a decision at that time," Holmes explained.

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