Editorial: Steady Improvement

The best high school in the state is Loveless Academic Magnet.   It's also considered one of the best in the nation, regularly showcasing National Merit Scholarship students.

Brewbaker Technology Magnet is a national Blue Ribbon School of excellence for outstanding student achievement.

Two years ago, Forest Avenue Elementary received the same honor.

Booker T. Washington High School boasts three nationally certified teachers, a state teacher of the year, and incredibly talented students accomplished in the arts and sciences.

Johnnie Carr and Jim Wilson Jr. Elementary Schools are brand new with state of the art resources and George Washington Carver High will be next year as well.

The enthusiasm for learning at Davis Elementary, E.D. Nixon Elementary and McMillan International Academy will excite you.

All of these are Montgomery Public Schools.

There are many others in the system that continue to improve in academic and athletic achievement and teacher and principal excellence.

Attention, accolades and appreciation should be realized for this system that has had challenges in the past.

The reality is that its present and future are on a path of terrific improvement.