Prison looms for Phillips as time runs out

File: Sherrie Phillips
File: Sherrie Phillips

ANDALUSIA, AL (WSFA) - The hours of freedom are winding down for former Covington County Probate Judge Sherrie Phillips.

Saturday is the court-imposed deadline for her to report to the Covington County Sheriff. She'll then start serving a three year prison sentence for ethics convictions.

Phillips was convicted in 2008 of taking nearly $2 million dollars from the estate of a deceased man.

After depositing the money in her own personal checking account, Phillips wrote 10 checks including checks to pay off loans, a $25,000 check to her husband, a $100,000 check to her brother, a $100,000 check to herself after she had bought a Cadillac for more than $60,000, and a $23,000 check to a Ford dealer for her husband's truck.

The Alabama Supreme Court declined to review her case on October 9.

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