Metal manufacturing plant being built in Cowarts

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COWARTS, AL (WSFA) -  The Houston County Commission will be partnering with the town of Cowarts to do prep work for a new industrial plant opening next year.

Monday the commission agreed to pay the match on a grant the town of Cowarts is applying for, with the grant money allowing the town and county to complete needed site work, that'll keep the project moving.

Grading and site preparation is underway on a plot of land along U.S. highway 84 East in Cowarts.

It's an open field now, but by next year a metal manufacturing facility will sit in its place.

To keep the project moving along the town of Coawrts is seeking a $100,000 federal grant to build an access road and sewage lines for the plant.

Cowart's coffers are unable to pay a match on the grant, so the Houston County Commission agreed to step up to the plate.

"We really appreciate the town working to get this project," said Commission chairman Mark Culver, during the meeting Monday.

The metal manufacturing plant is over a two million dollar investment that could bring close to 40 new jobs to the area.

"It's good to have that activity and we're going to see more movement in our economy," says Matt Parker, President of the Dothan Area Chamber of Commerce.

Outside of the initial jobs the plant is creating officials say it should also help stimulate other sectors of the economy.

"Not only do you get the direct jobs, you always have that multiplier effect of three to four jobs for every job created in manufacturing so you get that turn in the economy and that creates a lot of economic activity," adds Parker.

And with county officials on board work could begin in late November with a grand opening next spring.

Officials have not announced the name of the company that will be opening the plant.

The 25,000 square foot building will be located right off highway 84 east.

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