Minister faces sex abuse charges

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Shocked and stunned in Covington County.

"Makes me really want to protect my two children even more," said Anthony Faircloth.

Covington County Chief Deputy David Anderson says it is by far the biggest sex abuse case he's ever worked after 30 years in law enforcement in Covington County.

"You hear about it in other places but not here," said Anderson.

The suspect is 54-year old Ralph Lee Aaron, charged with 3 counts of sexual abuse of a boy who is younger than 12-year olds. Those counts include first degree sodomy.

The child was a member of Grace Christian Fellowship Church on Shreve Road just outside of Andalusia where Aaron served as pastor. And this appears to be only the beginning of a much larger case against pastor Aaron. Since his arrest, more victims have come forward, according to Chief Deputy Anderson, more boys and their ages vary.

"We've had victims come in daily since his arrest and we now have 4 victims including the initial victim," Anderson said.

Anderson declined to elaborate what the evidence is other than saying they have 'evidence linking Aaron.'

Investigators say the alleged encounters happened at several locations throughout the county. They would not confirm or deny whether the alleged crimes occurred at the church.

Records show that Ralph Lee Aaron had no documented criminal history.  In Andalusia no one seems to know where Aaron came from or how long he's been in the area. We do know he is in the Covington County Jail on a 2-and-a-half-million dollar bond, one of the highest bond amounts in recent history.

Chief Deputy Anderson says it was the boy's mother who tipped off investigators. It appears that Aaron for now does not have an attorney.

Covington County authorities say they will hold a press conference Tuesday afternoon to announce additional charges against Aaron.

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