Country Crossing responds to recent bingo rulings

Posted by: Daniel Curtis - bio | email

DOTHAN, AL (WSFA) - With recent rulings on the legality of electronic bingo across the state of Alabama, developers of the entertainment venue Country Crossing are responding to those court decisions.

And what, if any effect they may have on the bingo machines that will be at the venue.

Construction is still going strong at Country Crossing, and the resort's new electronic bingo facility which is expected to open in December.

Developers say despite recent court rulings that raise questions about the legality of gaming facilities, they're goal is still to open December 1st.

"There hasn't been a decision yet, to come down that pertains to country crossing or Houston County," says Jay Walker, spokes person for Country Crossing.

Walker says a recent ruling in north Alabama striking down electronic bingo machines applies only to Walker County.

In Houston County, he points to a constitutional amendment that legalized charitable bingo in 1995.

"We feel the Houston County amendment is going to support the games we play here at Country Crossings and we feel very good about that as a matter of fact that's why we are still working today, there is no difference today for Country Crossing as they was yesterday," adds Walker.

Developers say they also hope lawmakers will reconsider a statewide vote on electronic bingo in the next legislative session.

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