Editorial: Diversity Feedback

You gave plenty of feedback on our recent editorial on diversity.

Yolanda Serritelli responded: "I couldn't resist taking time to express my appreciation and vote of approval after hearing your editorial.  Unfortunately being a property manager puts me in a position to experience the racial discord that exists in Montgomery almost daily.  On the other hand, it also puts me in a position to rise above in hopes of making a difference.  Thank you for recognizing and addressing this matter."

Frank Winkler added: "There is a group in Montgomery called One Montgomery that meets weekly for breakfast.  It was established during and due to the Todd Road incident back in 1983 to head off a major race riot in Montgomery over a botched police raid in the Madison Park community of a suspected drug house that was actually hosting a funeral at the time.  Key Black and white community leaders came together to prevent an outbreak of violence, and it worked.  One Montgomery functions as an extension of the Montgomery YMCA and there is also a Youth One Montgomery and counterparts in other communities as well, like One Selma.  One Montgomery provides an open forum for frank discussion of issues and concerns."

We appreciate all of your feedback.