School board members find a common ground

Posted by: Mario Hendricks - bio | email

MONGTOMERY, AL (WSFA) - From divided to coming together. Most of the Montgomery school board members have agreed on Superintendent Barbara Thompson's academic standing. Some even hugged.

The controversy began shortly after Thompson was hired. Some school board members say that Thompson misrepresented herself as to having a PhD. But now, most agree that she's a candidate in good standing working on that doctorate.

The mayor and board members say they've seen proof that Thompson did not lie. "There is evidence that we've all seen that supports the fact that she is in the process...she is a certified....the actual word is...she is a student in good standing as a dissertator" said Mayor Todd Strange.

"Hopefully this clarifies it and gets us back on the right direction", stated Thompson to a round of applause.

One board member, Heather Sellers, says Thompson is "making another attempt to mislead the public about her PhD status." Sellers tells WFSA 12 News that she's asked for a vote on firing Thompson at the last two board meetings but the chair refuses to put it on the agenda.

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