Montgomery Co. man dodges bullets

Herman McClendon was shot at four times.
Herman McClendon was shot at four times.

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Friday morning started out like any other day for Herman McClendon. Wood-working in his carport when things suddenly didn't connect.

"I heard the alarm go off," said McClendon.

The alarm at McClendon's neighbor's home about a hundred yards away, a neighbor who was not at home at the time.

"I saw a light blue, old GMC suburban and I knew it wasn't supposed to be there," said McClendon.

This is when McClendon made the decision to do something that nearly cost him his life. He got in his wife's SUV to track down the suspect and at least get a tag number.

"By the time I got there they were coming out of the drive-way. I called 911 and told them a burglary was going on and I'll try to get that tag number," said McClendon.

Traveling up Woodley Road towards the Southern Boulevard, Herman McClendon did indeed get close enough to get that tag number but what he didn't realize there wasn't just one suspect but 4 and when both drivers decided to turn in the Woodley Road Barbershop parking lot;

"That's when the black male shot at me 4 times without hesitation just like it was when I was in Vietnam. He was just cuttin' loose," said McClendon.

McClendon's wife's vehicle took the brunt of it; a flat tire, a bullet hole in the door and a shattered window. McClendon was able to drive it back to the neighbor's driveway.

"I'm not hurt. I'm alright," McClendon told his wife on his cell phone.

While McClendon assured his wife by the phone he was okay, Montgomery County deputies started their own investigation. It turns out the suspects.. 3 men and a woman.. stole a TV from the neighbor's house.

Looking back McClendon says he would do it all over again, anything to stop what he calls a rash of burglaries in his neck of the woods on Woodley Road and Vanderbilt Drive.

"I think it was the right thing to do because these kids don't care anymore," he said.

Herman McClendon, shot at 4 times and walked away without a scratch and lived to talk about it.

"It's by the grace of God," said McClendon.

The suspects ended up ditching their blue suburban and ran away. As of now they haven't been captured.

Montgomery County Sheriff D.T. Marshall says if the gunman is who they think he is he's already served time on attempted murder and is currently out on bond on assault charges.

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