Rogers opposes Pelosi health care bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Mike Rogers made a strong stand in opposition to H.R. 3962, the Democratic Leadership's $1 trillion Health Care Reform Bill unveiled Thursday. Rogers said he was disappointed the behind-closed-doors negotiations did not improve the original House bill into something he could support.

Rogers said although he agrees that key portions of our nation's health care system need to be addressed, he was disappointed Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (CA) almost 2,000-page bill includes a government-run health insurance "public option," which, down the road he believes will lead to a complete government take-over of our health care system. Rogers said he specifically objected to the bill's funding provisions, which would cut Medicare by about $500 billion and raise billions in new taxes. In addition, he said, the bill includes costly new mandates on small and medium size businesses that could threaten job creation and stability across East Alabama.

"This is a troubling bill that cuts important Medicare programs, potentially hurts our small businesses and mandates an expansion of Medicaid that Alabama, and many other states, simply cannot afford," Rogers said.

"Most people agree parts of our healthcare system need reform, but starting a government-run public option to compete with the private sector simply isn't the right approach," he added. "I am deeply concerned this bill will spend many billions, if not trillions more, taxpayer dollars than its current almost $1 trillion price tag."

Rogers said he plans to deliver a copy of the bill to the Anniston Public Library for viewing on Monday morning before he comes back to Washington, D.C. He said he hopes to be able to fully read and review the almost 2,000-page bill before the Democratic Leadership brings the bill up for a vote.

The Pelosi health care reform bill is expected to come to the House Floor for a vote at the end of next week.