Elmore pushes for 'Malfunction Junction' facelift

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ELMORE, AL (WSFA) - If you've ever been through Elmore County, chances are you've driven through the crossroads of AL-14 and AL-143.

It's what some people call the 'Malfunction Junction' of the River Region.

"It is the East-West corridor for Elmore county, and it connects to Elmore County and Autauga and Tallapoosa Counties," said Republican State Representative Barry Mask, who also works for the Elmore County Economic Development Authority,

This two-lane corridor has its downsides when the roads get busy.

"It's just a dangerous intersection, and there have been fatalities here as well," Mask explained.

"You've got schools and logging industry and all that. And it really does back up," said Mike Avinger of Wetumpka.

The Alabama Department of Transportation did install traffic lights earlier this year, and workers are planning on widening the roads.

County offcials say they just want to make sure things are going as planned.

They've drafted at least two resolutions calling on the state to hurry efforts and start straightening out the corridor by the end of next year.

A necessity, they say, for a growing county.

"The traffic will increase.  I think economic development would increase, and I think it would just help us out a lot," Mask explained.

Travelers agree the changes are important for the road ahead.

"It will be shorter going to and from work. And it would be a much more pleasant drive in this area," said Betty Eldridge, who drives through the intersection regularly.

Tony Harris, ALDOT's spokesman, tells WSFA 12 News the department is working as fast as it can, going through a 'federally prescribed process.'

Harris says meeting next year's deadline was the department's plan all along.

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