Hyundai Supplier Finds a Home in Luverne

Towns throughout our area are continuing to 'reap the benefits' of Hyundai coming to Montgomery. Thursday another company announces big plans for a small town, this time in Crenshaw County. Shin Young Metals announced it will build a new plant on 80 acres of land just outside Luverne. It's a big boost for the small town. Economically with 400 new jobs and emotionally.

The streets around Luverne look like many small towns around the country. Old Glory a constant reminder of the tensions overseas and the price already being paid. "They're going to be out till our soldiers come home," Johnny Jones watches it all, "Tell me what you want and I'll see if I got it." from the front of his hardware store. "Danny, we still got those yellow light bulbs? I don't think we got 'em. Got some yellow spray paint."

"We got Brantley right down here below us, when they come through the Brantley guard left to go to the war, we all cried when they come through town. So we're very close."

Today, good news. What was rumor of few days ago is now fact. "We're getting that factory" customers walk in with the news, "Some components with Hyundai" "A lot of people have had to move their jobs to Montgomery and bigger cities and maybe they can get some of these jobs and not have to travel so much." The news couldn't have come at a better time. "We're still the friendliest city in the south we want to keep that going."

Shin Young Metals manufactures car frames and and the panel work for Hyundai. Construction on the plant will begin next month and should be complete by March 2005.