Wetumpka literally paves way to success

Posted by: Jennifer Oravet - bio | email

WETUMPKA, AL (WSFA) - "Build it and they will come," but what if there's no road to it? That's been the problem in Wetumpka. A new athletic complex is practically inaccessible, and has been for nearly ten years. It won't be for long, however.

It's another sign of growth for the city of Wetumpka and while it may only be a new athletic complex, it may actually be the next chapter of economic development for the city.

"We've come a long way in the last few months," said one.

Mayor Jerry Willis agrees, things are finally looking up for the athletic complex off Highway 14. "We hit some bumps, had to hold up the progress but the City Council picked it up."

And Willis is planning to make the park Wetumpka's new economic catalyst; turning the baseball diamonds into dollars for the city.

"We know that a sports complex will become an industry for us. It can be a money-maker, we need hotels and motels and restaurants."

Paving the way for Wetumpka to land regional softball and baseball tournaments, and attract fans and retailers to the corridor.

City Councilman Lewis Washington agrees, "We can see a hotel, with all of this, we have somewhere for them to stay."

Putting a major spotlight on the city's economy, and settling the score for grassy field that divided 3 administrations.

"Its dollars to the city, once we can control the dollars here, we can bring more jobs."

When the project is completed, it will actually stretch to the Coosa River - linking the downtown development with the recreational development on Highway 14.

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