Baby still not found in landfill search

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MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Montgomery Police are still trying to determine whether or not to search a Tallassee landfill for a baby's remains.

The case is being called a "death investigation."

Police spent all of Tuesday searching a private landfill in the Salem community of Lee County for a possibly dumped infant after the child's mother refused to have the baby at a doctor's office one week and returned for other reasons a week later without the baby.

Thornton said Tuesday evening that a search of the Tallassee landfill was a possibility in the investigation's next steps.

Police believe foul play might be a possibility in the child's death, though charges have not been brought against the mother at this time.

Investigators say the pregnant 26 or 27-year-old woman, who has not been identified, came to her doctor's office on October 19 in a condition where she was about to have a baby. The woman refused to have the baby at that time, signed a waiver and left the office. The exact nature of the waiver was not made available.

Montgomery Police say the woman returned to the same doctor a week later complaining of a cold, but she was no longer pregnant. The doctor called police, who brought the woman in for questioning. The woman claimed she miscarried the baby, but authorities suspect foul play might be involved.

"We're looking at the possibility that baby was delivered and put in the trash," said Major Thornton.

About 30 officers from the Montgomery Police Department were on the scene to search the landfill Tuesday.

WSFA 12 News continues to follow this developing story and will have the latest information as it becomes available.

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