Unlikely pair make tour stop in Alabama

Posted by: Jennifer Oravet - bio | email

MONTGOMERY, AL (WSFA) - Political figures Reverand Al Sharpton and former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich couldn't be more different, and they don't mind admitting it.

Sharpton elaborated, "I said Brother Newt, there are some republicans that don't like me down there.  He said you're wrong Al, none of the republicans like you."

And that's the beauty of this diametric duo; showing they're just as passionate about the one thing they have in common, than all the other things they don't.

"We can't sit around and wait for someone else to give these kids a good education.  If we don't do it, we could ruin their lives." emphasizes Gingrich.

Sharpton and Gingrich realized they shared the same passion for quality education when President Obama commissioned them to travel across the country to compile a report on the condition of the United State's schools.  Sharpton says that's what led Gingrich to this point.

"I wanted the Speaker to see that, and he came down and I'm so happy he and I have been able to trust each other's words even though we don't agree on everything."

And while the young minds at Carver High School may not realize the significance of this visit, Sharpton says it will only become more clear with time.

"Believe me people will remember what happened today because this is leading somewhere that will change education in America forever."

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