County Road 12 - Harmonica Henry

It's something almost everyone looks forward too, but retirement can mean a lot of things for a lot of different folks. For one Montgomery man, retirement 15 years ago meant the rediscovery of an old passion. Debbie Williams has the story of "Harmonica Henry" out along County Road 12.

"A lot of times you feel a tune and you want to do something with it but I can't sing and that's when the harmonica takes over," says Henry Steindorff. And the harmonica has been taking over Steindorff for the last several years.

"When I hit retirement, I started back up again. I kept up every once and a while I'd pull it out and play a tune or two." He didn't give much thought to the harp before then. He was to busy. "I had my own business for 35 years.

But then something happened. "When I retired, the old harmonica came alive like 15 years ago. A lot of that right there is a result of the retirement." He feels better at 78 than most folks decades younger. "I feel like I did when I was 60 years old. In fact, I think I feel better than when I was 35."

Playing the harmonica can't take credit for all of that. "We have ten grandchildren. That'll keep you young. That'll make you stay young, just trying to remember their names."

With a song in his heart and a harmonica in his pocket, Henry Steindorff seems to have found the melody that suits his life just fine. "This is the thing about the harmonica there is always a challenge right around the corner and I like a challenge."

To make sure all that talent doesn't go to waste, Henry is a featured member of the Baptist Health Senior Advantage Junk Band. They keep a full schedule of performance dates at area nursing home and senior events.