Guest Editorial: Cemeteries

Alabama's Abandoned Cemeteries: What to do?

Whether it's the mystery of death itself or our curiosity about the past or just the downright uniqueness of each one of them... most of us find cemeteries interesting.

Yet, according to a special report we brought you last week on WSFA 12 News, some 13,000 of Alabama's 27,000 cemeteries are in need of repair and upkeep.

To have the state maintain these forgotten communities of the past would be very expensive and, in my opinion, not a good idea anyway. We don't need one more of our responibilities transferred to the government so that we can ignore it.

There are any number of ways we can address this problem. Maybe its geneology scout badges, or civic groups adopting cemeteries, or clean up events held around patriotic holidays... there are veterans in most every cemetery. My favorite idea is fourth grade elementary classes using cemeteries as a learning tool in Alabama History.

If cemeteries were more important to us, and they should be, we would visit them more often, and maintain and protect them.

Mark Wilder
Internet, Operations and Programming Manager for WSFA 12 News