Johnson accuses Riley of taking casino money

Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (AP) - A former member of Gov. Bob Riley's Cabinet says Riley received campaign contributions in 2002 from Mississippi Indians who operate casinos. He says the money was intended to limit the casinos' competition in Alabama.

Bill Johnson said Thursday that a senior official in Riley's 2002 campaign, Dan Gans, told him the tribe promised $3 million in donations, but didn't deliver all of it. He was unsure of the exact amount, but felt it has influenced Riley's fight to shut down electronic bingo operations in Alabama.

Riley aides say there were no donations from Mississippi Indians and their casino operations.

Toby Roth, political director of Riley's 2002 campaign, said Johnson wasn't in fundraising and in no position to know about contributions. He said Johnson is attacking his former boss and longtime friend to try to draw attention to his campaign in a crowded Republican field.

Johnson left his Cabinet post in June to run for governor.

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